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Tournament Categorie: Investor Featured

Super Smash Bros. Texas Loyalty Cup

•Partners/Sponsors: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola

•Special appearances: N/A

•Game: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

•Students affiliation from 10 universities

•Region: Dallas and Houston, Texas

•Number of gamers: 43

•Live Chat Messages: 5.7K+

•Aggregated spectators watched online content (hour): 917+

•Aggregated spectators watched live streams (hours): 480+

Fraternities National Bracket

•Aggregated spectator live steam watch time: 970 hours

•Number of participated gamers: 81

•Student affiliation from 18 fraternities in 12 universities

•183 users placed a bracket predictions

March Madness Bracket

•17+ hours of live stream

•Aggregated spectator live stream watch time: 278 hours

•Became twitch affiliates under 2 weeks

•Peaked to the 0.79% of all 7M+ Twitch channels

•Game played: COD: Warzone

•Live Views across all platforms: 1619

•Aggregated spectators watched live streams (hours): 279

•Number of signed up gamers: 50+

•150 users placed a bracket predictions

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